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IO9 has previously shared examples of religious statues and iconography being transformed into superheroes, and when I’ve seen them I’ve shared some of them here. Today, IO9 shared samples of what an artist has done with statues and imagery of the Virgin Mary. Below are a couple of them. Click through to see more.


It is worth contemplating such images not because of some inherent geeky coolness they may have, but because they force us to ask interesting questions. What if the stories in the Bible had been composed today, or the events on which some of the stories are based transpired several centuries from now. What might they look like? How might they be different?

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  • Dr. David Tee

    I am leaving this question here as I would like it seen and addressed.
    3 questions actually to Dr. McGrath and I hope you write a post in response.
    1. When did it become wrong to believe God’s word over science?
    2. When did sinful, fallible, corruptible science become more holy than the sinless, infallible, uncorruptable God?
    3. Who has the authority to give science a promotion over God’s word? Moral or otherwise?

    • aar9n

      We’ll answer your question if you tell us what your doctorate was in and where you got it.


      Jedi Master A.

      • Wasn’t talking to you and I see you can’t answer them But what an interesting concept. You are saying you will blackmail people who ask questions and hold the answers for ransom.

        • Actually, he’s saying something much simpler fake doctor Tee. You demonstrate in post after post that you are a deceiver.

        • What a strange reply to aaronpxian, “Dr. Tee”.

          Do you realize how often Jesus answered questions by asking questions (a classic example is Luke 20:1-4)? Are you saying that Jesus was a blackmailer?

          You utter such nonsense, it’s quite hard to take you seriously.

          • Dr. David Tee

            he didn’t ask a question so your post is out of order and bounds. Bring the evidence that I do not have a doctorate or stop with the false accusations.

          • Sure he asked a question – he asked what your doctorate was in and where you got it.

            It seems a bit silly to accuse others of being “out of order and bounds” when you’re the one tossing out ridiculous accusations like “blackmail”.

            But were we mistaken “Dr. Tee”? Where did you receive your doctorate? What is the field? Where can we look up your dissertation?

          • Indeed, PhDs are simple matters to verify, since one can always point to a copy of the dissertation in the library catalogue of the granting institution, even if no other copies have been made, and it has never been published.

            If David Tee is a medical doctor, that is nothing for him to be ashamed of, it is indeed something to be appreciated. But an MD has no more authority or advantage in addressing matters of linguistics or Biblical interpretation or evolutionary biology than the average person, other than in the sense that they are more likely to know that the Bible’s references to heart or bowels as the locus of thought and emotion respectively cannot be taken as anatomically literal, and if they prescribe medicines they may also be aware of how modern medicine takes evolution into account.

          • Indeed, and since “Dr. Tee” has said, above, “bring the evidence that I do not have a doctorate”, he seems to be implying that he has a PhD. I’ve never heard of an MD referring to their degree as having a “doctorate”.

            Personally, my terminal degree is an MFA from UNC-Chapel Hill. So while I enjoying commenting and asking questions, I would never claim to have the credentials in NT textual studies of someone like Dr. McGrath.

          • Dr. David Tee

            Your focus on what degrees I hold is nothing but a distraction to the topics being discussed. My degrees do not change the truth of the words that God has had me say here on this website.
            I highly doubt you would listen to anything I say if you got that information because you do not want the truth just your own way.

          • What’s the big secret? You obviously want everyone to believe that you are a “Dr.” or else you wouldn’t use the title, and you are hinting that you have a “doctorate”, so what, exactly is the “principle” that keeps you from passing on your credentials.

            James and other scholars here have no problem sharing their full names and credentials.

            What’s stopping you? Do you actually have advanced degrees in relevant fields?

            If not, why are you hinting that you do? Why not simply say, “I don’t have a degree in this field, but I’d like you to consider this argument.”

            If you do have advanced degrees, why hide them?

            There’s nothing Christ-like about keeping secrets.

          • Your credibility is especially relevant when you make dubious statements such as “My degrees do not change the truth of the words that God has had me say here.”

            What exactly does that mean? Are you the voice of God? In what sense you claim “words that God has had me say.”?

            Are you a prophet? Biblical prophets do not hide their identity.

            There is room in public forums (at the discretion of the site owner – in this case, James) for anonymous questions and assertions. But anonymous statements have to stand on their own merit.

          • rmwilliamsjr

            the truth of the words that God has had me say here on this website

            i see what the problem is, you are speaking for God when everyone else is speaking about God. is there nothing that can convince you that you are wrong about anything?

          • Dr. David Tee

            yet I haven’t spoken of the institution either and won’t. Nor the year in which it was granted.

          • I have not met anyone who had a PhD from a reputable institution who was unwilling to say what it was in or where they got it from.

    • I am tempted to respond by asking you when you stopped beating your wife…

      The problem is that you are elevating the Bible, which Christians metaphorically refer to as God’s Word, to the status of being the actual words of God. And so I do not accept the premise on which your questions are based.

      Do you accept that at least at one point in the Bible, one of its authors is speaking as a fool and not according to the Lord? Do you accept that at least one set of laws in the Bible does not reflect God’s will perfectly but was a concession to the hardness of heart of people in the time it was given? If not, then your approach to the Bible is fundamentally unbiblical.

      • Dr. David Tee

        if you do not believe the Bible to be the actual words of God then why are you in a church, teaching sunday school class? What good are you?
        Your avoidance of questions make Olympic gymnists proud and envious but I am still getting the information I need about you. Answer my questions honestly and you may get answers to yours.
        Why are you afraid to accept the Bible as God’s word? Since you do not accept the Bible as God’s word how can you accept Jesus’ words on salvation?
        You can’t cherry pick and declare which ones are and which ones aren’t God’s words. It is an all or nothing choice.

        • It is your desire for certainty that causes you to make the Bible into an idol, just as Israel is said to have done with the golden calf. If you turn the Bible into an idol and treat its words as God’s own despite what the Bible says, then what good is your outpouring of compliments about the Bible? Why are you so afraid to accept the Bible for what it is and put your trust in God and God alone?

        • newenglandsun

          Oh dear goodness, you fundamentalists cherry-pick ALL the time!

          I’ve been WAITING over 24 hours for a fundagelical to respond to this challenge.

      • newenglandsun

        He has a doctorate in agriculture?