The God Box

David Hayward drew and shared the above cartoon, and also some wise words on the topic:

We must agree…that the Mystery, the Source, the All-in-all, is certainly beyond the limitations of what we believe. Assuredly! If your god is trapped within your ideas and words then you have nothing more than an idol. Period!

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  • Cliff

    So Good! So Funny! So True! Thanks for posting this James!

  • Dr. David Tee

    The only people doing the above are progressive Christians, theistic evolutionists and any one else who opts for alternatives to the Bible or say that the Bible i snot God’s word.

    True believers know who God is

    • James F. McGrath

      That makes no sense, since progressive Christians emphasize the inability of our words and concepts and labels and language and writings to do justice to God. But since you define true believers as those who know who God is, and have all the answers, congratulations – you have closed the box! But don’t believe for a minute that God is constrained within it.

      • Dr. David Tee

        The problem for you is, God describes Himself in the Bible and God doesn’t lie. Why do we need to go beyond what God says about Himself and put words into His mouth that he did not say or do?
        Seems you are doing what that cartoon is complaining about in the other thread. You are signing God’s name to descriptions without His permission.
        You do know that Paul wrote–we see through a gass darkly– which tells us we do not know everything nor can conceive of everything. Of course our own descriptive words will fall short of describing God because in our human fraility we cannot handle the divine in its complete form.
        God said that to Moses when Moses asked to see God’s face. You are making issues out of things God has already dealt with.

        • James F. McGrath

          If you will apply those points, emphasized in the Bible, to the Bible, then you will at long last have ceased to refuse to accept the Bible’s own testimony and apply it to the Bible itself. You seem to be almost there…

        • may you be well…

          The Bible written millenia ago cannot describe God. God is infiinte, the Bible is incomplete… edited by power grabbers. I see God with my own 2 eyes every day. Surely you dispute this becasue I am not in your tiny little box. How can this be that I have an infinite everywhere, everything in accord with God’s plan far beyond human comprehension, yet you- a human comprehends God fully. Somehow you feel I am apart from God yet am in his presence always. By failing to understand each other, we fail to understand God. By attempting to understand God we fail to live by his word. I am that I am. Do you see?

    • aar9n

      True believes know that the book of mormon is god’s word given by heavenly father to his prophet Joseph Smith.
      The only people who don’t believe its god’s word are liars like yourself who refuse to believe the complete word of god.
      if you don’t have the complete word of god then you cannot be saved.
      i fear satan has a grip on your soul-repent and believe gods full word!

      • Dr. David Tee

        The book of Mormon has no historical reference or context, no physical evidence to support it, plagerizes, and has no divine authority behind its words.
        It is no contest. The book of Mormon is a fabrication by a con man who used it to enslave women to meet the founder’s and other men’s sexual fantasies.
        There is also NO ancient prophetic record or word, let alone mss., informing people that the truth will arrive in the 19th century via an angel. The Book of Mormon is unjust and unfair as that supposed angel waited thousands of years and let people die without the supposed ‘truth’ of Mormonism seeing the light of day.
        I am not aware of any Mormon reloigious writing that details the angel’s efforts in getting those golden plates translated in ancient times. His failure and the failure of the Mormon religious writers to document those efforts just adds to the evidence that Mormonism and its religious works are untrue and a false religion.

        • aar9n

          You need to not listen to secular sources and listen to the word of god. There is much evidence to support it, you are just blind because Satan has a hold of you. Quetezel was the Aztec god who was not only said to a white god that ha died and resurrected- think about it! It does not plagiarize, you simply refuse to listen to the holy spirit. If you read the book of Mormon and ask with a sincere heart and doubt not the truth will be manifested unto you- god says so himself! You need to not get your info from anti-Mormon sources; they are unreliable and don’t know the truth. You are wrong- the bible predicted the global apostasy and the book of Mormon. You can answer are your questions if you don’t listen to anti-Mormon sources and read what fair ( and ( Repent and believe god and gods true prophet on earth before its too late