P.S. – The Unfilmed Final Scene from “The Angels Take Manhattan”

The BBC released a video indicating the contents of a final scene that was written for the Doctor Who episode “The Angels Take Manhattan” to bring Brian’s story to closure, but ultimately not filmed:

Many wondered about this. How do you feel about what the writer envisaged?

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  • http://timebottle.weebly.com/ Beau Quilter

    They should go ahead and film it; even as a webisode continuation of Pond Life.

    Mark Williams would play this brilliantly.

  • http://digestofworms.blogspot.com/ admiralmattbar

    I can’t imagine why this was cut! It’s only 5 minutes and it makes the episode about 30 times better.

  • momsaid

    Perfect! I’d always considered the TARDIS scene with River to be a bit unnecessary, and having this played in split-screen or alternating with the Doctor reading Amy’s letter, would have been marvelous.