St. John of Arrakis?

Jeff Carter made and shared the image below, which he gave the title “The Sandworms did not appreciate John the Baptizer.” Squarely at the intersection of religion and science fiction – but of course, Dune already was…



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  • Gary

    I see Jesus, not John. You just do not see the multitudes at the bottom of the hill. Culturally diverse diet on a planet with no water. Sermon on the mount, But Jesus is overheard saying to the disciples, “with all this sand, all I can feed you with, is this stinking worm!?”.

  • Jeff Carter

    Since water is poison to the sandworm, baptism becomes very problematic…

    • “I baptize you with sand, but one comes after me, more powerful than I, who will baptize you in spice and fire…”

      • Jeff Carter

        Curiously, it is the sandworm’s previous form in its life cycle (the sand trout) that produces the “water of life”…