Will the Gospel of Jesus’ Wife be Buried in the Talpiot Tomb?

David Meadows offered some more nails for the ossuary in which many are confident that the Gospel of Jesus’ Wife will be buried, and Sightings has an article entitled “The Swift Rise and Apparent Demise of ‘Jesus’ Wife’.”

As we await the test results on the ink on the papyrus fragment that made news headlines recently, blogging about the Gospel of Jesus’ Wife has seen an unsurprising lull. But there has been some interesting discussion of what the online discussion of the topic indicates about the future of scholarship and scholarly publication.

Mark Goodacre shared some thoughts on this, linking to an article by Claire Clivaz about changing norms for scholarly publication and peer review. See also Jim Davila’s brief thoughts on the topic.

Mary Magdalene as supposedly Jesus’ wife is also associated with the Talpiot tomb, which has been generating discussion again as a result of an article by my friend Eldad Keynan in The Bible and Interpretation. James Tabor has long maintained that the names in the Talpiot tomb are unusual, and the specific combination therefore significant. For some recent blog posts responding to his arguments, see Mark Goodacre and Steve Caruso.

On a related note, Ben Blackwell shared this video of the Gospel of Thomas turned into a movie:

Since that Gospel is largely without narrative, it is unsurprising that the movie is not exactly action-packed…

See also Steve Wiggins on Mrs. Jesus, and Tim Bulkeley on why blogging needs Facebook.

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  • Gary

    My amateur ear tells me there must be more to the Thomas and India connection. The Beatles didn’t have to go to India to listen to a Guru. They should have just listened to the Gospel of Thomas, and saved the travel expenses. Very interesting.

  • Susan Burns

    The repeated and unnecessary bashing of SJ looks to outsiders as a type of schoolyard bullying. Biblical scholars want absolute power over historical Jesus. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. What they did to Morton Smith is a prime example. They are already implying conspiracy because Karen King was in Berlin in 1980. Be afraid Professor King, be very afraid.