Auto-Correct Christmas

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  • Gary

    Just like inerrancy. Put your unfailing trust in anonymous writers/software programmers. Speaking of that, I rather like Joel’s blog feature, mobile theme shows the number of comments on a subject, without having to click on each individual subject. Saves a lot of time to see if there is anything new. Does that capability reside on your side? If switchable, it would be a nice feature to turn on.

    • James F. McGrath

      I’m not sure I see the feature you are referring to on Joel’s blog. Is it just if you access it with a mobile device?

      • Gary

        With an iPhone using Safari, with “mobile theme” on, looking at Joel’s site, I see the subject titles, with the date in big numbers on the left. The number of comments for the subject shows up as a big red number, contained in a circle over the top of the date. If there are no comments, no big circle with number. Your blog shows no comment numbers unless I switch mobile theme off – but then all the graphics load, plus seeing the entire site on a small screen is hard to read. I’ve looked at my side as a user, and I see no switch features that provide a difference between Joel’s site and your’s. Maybe it is not at option at patheos.

        • James F. McGrath

          I don’t know, I never look at the site in a mobile-specific version. I am not aware of settings related to mobile viewing…