The Tenth Annual Attempt to Undermine Christianity at Christmas

Liberty Counsel and the American Family Association have posted their Tenth Annual “Naughty and Nice” list, encouraging Christians to shop at stores that wish them a Merry Christmas rather than a mere “Happy Holidays.”

Am I the only one who remembers a time, not so long ago, when Christians thought that their goal should be to being the Christian message to those who needed to hear it, and not merely to surround themselves with other Christians to exchange Christian greetings with one another?

I didn’t think so.

Liberty Counsel’s and the AFA’s lists are an attempt to bolster a form of cultural pseudo-Christianity by circling the wagons of that identity. Their aim is clearly not to encourage Christians to proclaim any sort of Christian message to others – even the minimal one of going to places where people don’t themselves wish others a Merry Christmas, and wish them one. Indeed, their aim seems to be to get Christians to form a “holy huddle,” to live in a religious ghetto. While claiming to be opposed to the censoring of Christmas, they are in fact getting Christians to censor themselves, only taking their business – and so only saying “Merry Christmas” – in stores where their beliefs appear to be shared.

I hope that anyone who is a Christian and takes their faith seriously will oppose their stance, recognizing it for what it is: something profoundly anti-Christian.

I likewise hope that anyone who has a genuine Christian faith and feels it appropriate to wish others a Merry Christmas will go out and do so, not merely to those who wish it to them first. Surely the Golden Rule applies here?

There’s quite some time until Christmas. But in the mean time, perhaps someone should warn Liberty Counsel and the American Family Association that they might just be on Jesus’ “Naughty List”?

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  • I remember back to when my pastor thought that “merry Christmas” encouraged drunkenness.

  • arcseconds

    I don’t even interpret ‘Merry Christmas’ as a Christian greeting. Here, Christmas is a statutory holiday, a large segment of the population is affiliated with no religion and many people who do identify with a religion are highly lapsed, and “Merry Christmas” is a common enough greeting. ‘Merry Christmas’ is no indication of the speaker being Christian around here.

    (actually, that’s a much more effective winning of the war on Christmas than this ‘happy holidays’ rubbish – gives the game away entirely)

    • I don’t know where “Here” is in your country but in America, We are Proud to know Jesus Christ IS the Reason for the Season! No matter what atheists, agnostics, secularists etc. have to say, America was founded under Judeo/Christian VALUES. People come to America during Christmas because they can’t understand WHY such JOY and LIBERTY is associated with Christmas. As one woman said to me, I could be anywhere in the world during Christmas but I have found ONLY America celebrates JOY TO THE WORLD as NO OTHER PLACE I HAVE EVER SEEN!” HALLELUJAH! JOY HAS COME FOR THE WORLD TO SEE! As the wise men knew such a long time ago. NOTHING CAN SHAKE THE UNSHAKABLE KINGDOM OF ALMIGHTY GOD! GLORY! AND MERRY CHRIST-MAS! OUR LORD COMETH!

      • This is your second comment pretending to be someone you are clearly not. Those of us who actually live in America know that our society has religious freedom and safeguards those freedoms for everyone, and not only for some allegedly “Judeo-Christian” stance. Those Christians who went before me fought hard to keep church and state separate, having fled persecution by a state church in Europe. No one who lives in America and knows anything about American history, or who genuinely cares about the Christian faith, would write what you did. If, on the off chance that you genuinely do think you are a Christian, I would urge you to repent and begin to learn before posting comments on subjects about which you are not merely poorly informed, but about which you seem to have nothing you wish to say, nor any interest in actually engaging in conversation with others.

        • Desiree Bernstein

          James DON’T tell me who I am. You are the one who clearly is poorly informed about our nation’s foundation. You clearly have a secular humanistic education. Sorry for you. The Constitution of the United States NEVER states the words “separation of church and state.” Yes, the Puritans and Separatists left Great Britain because the Church was controlling the people. They had read the Bible for themselves and UNDERSTOOD for themselves, the king was wrong. Where did the Separatists get the ideas of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? By the REVERENDS who dreamed of such a place! A land where it didn’t matter what denomination you worshiped but the VALUES would be Judeo-Christian. You are the one that needs to REPENT. Go visit Plymouth, Massachusetts and see the “Monument To Our Founding Fathers.” It speaks for itself. Stop calling me a liar, you are the one who has a lack of knowledge concerning our founding fathers and our glorious nation.

          • The language of “separation of church and state” is of course a famous summary of the First Amendment’s non-establishment clause offered by Thomas Jefferson to the Danbury Baptists, reassuring them of the protections to their freedom provided by the Bill of Rights.

            There was in our history a time when the rights afforded by the Constitution did not extend to the states but only federal matters. A further amendment to the Constitution addressed that issue, which is why we cannot have a state with an established church now any more than we can have one as a nation, and why people cannot be tried any longer for blasphemy, as they could and were at past times in our country’s history.

            You seem to be arguing against something that you think that I am saying but am not. My point is that the freedoms provided by the Constitution, extended to cover all, are what provide us with the freedom to worship – and for those who so choose, to not worship – as we see fit. We are freer now than in the days of the colonies.

          • Desiree Bernstein

            You are a revisionist and it stinks. The 2nd Congress under John Adams FINANCED to have BIBLES put in EVERY home in America, as well as schools. Thank GOD, there was NO ACLU back then. The Bible has had direct impact on America. Our 3 branches of government come directly from Isaiah 33:22. God is Judge, God is King, God is the Lawgiver. Even our National bird, the Bald Eagle, comes from the book of Isaiah. Originally the founding fathers spoke of the “wild turkey” but, again, the founders chose the Bald Eagle which is found in Isaiah 40:31 – “They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall mount up with wings as eagles, they shall run and not grow weary.” Noah Webster, founding father and legislator, school master of education 1828 was called “a walking bible” and could quote chapter and verse. James Wilson – Judge – Washington 1792, he taught school, Human Law, 2 Sciences & Creator, the Holy Scriptures. He said, “The source of Human Law is Divine Law.” Fisher Ames, 1789-1801 school books, moral children’s books. He said, read the bible, it is morals are pure , examples noble. Ames said, “The Bible must never be pushed to the back of the classroom.

            Freedom is NOT “provided by the Constitution”. Freedom is a God given RIGHT to all. The Constitution was created to PROTECT our God given FREEDOMS. We are NOT freer today than in the days of the colonies. Our 2nd Amendment has been shot to hell. If it were not for the most liberal states in America where they NO longer have guns, America would be on the top 10 list for non-violence. Research countries where ALL their citizens have the right to carry a concealed weapon, they have the LEAST crime. This is why our founding fathers included the right to bare arms. Without our 2nd Amendment we DON’T have the 1st Amendment.

            You can “see fit” not to worship Creator God, but scripture is clear, concerning a nation that forgets God. Thus the mess Americans see themselves in. Nothing is going to deliver our nation but a supernatural awakening from Almighty God. He delivered the Pilgrims as they escaped tyranny in Great Britain. King George III sent 100 ships when he learned the Separatists were again committing “treason” because they believed in FREEDOM. Freedom to worship Jesus Christ in any denomination. As the Mayflower made its way, the God of Nature, sent a tempest and ONLY ONE ship made it through, the Mayflower. God has always been involved in the inception of America. And you, Sir will see his Mighty Hand deliver our nation again. LONG LIVE FREEDOM! IN GOD WE STILL TRUST. Please stop calling me a bot and learn the truth about our glorious heritage. I could go on and on with accounts of our founding fathers, but I will spare you.

          • Ian

            The stupid is strong in this one, James.

            My favourite:

            Even our National bird, the Bald Eagle, comes from the book of Isaiah

            So, we’re beating Columbus and the Vikings, before even the LDS dare claim for Laman, right back to Isaiah!

            It is a basic law of the internet, the more all-caps someone uses, the more nonsense they spout.


            This is why our founding fathers included the right to bare arms.

            came a close second for star quotes.

            but I will spare you

            See, that was the short version…

      • arcseconds

        ‘Reason for the Season’ is a nice rhyme (lacks a bit in rhythm, though).

        However, I’m pretty sure it’s midwinter that’s the reason for the season. Kind of *is* the season, in fact. Lots of cultures celebrate solstice, and Europe’s no exception to that.

        Where have you seen Christmas celebrated? I’m sure everywhere celebrates it differently, so everywhere would celebrate it like no other place you’ve ever seen. Have you tried a barbeque on the beech in the middle of summer? I also understand it’s quite an experience in Japan.

  • I can’t wait to get my “Christmas Action Pack” with my “I Helped Save Christmas” bumper sticker. Jesus will be so relieved to know that I’ve got his back.

    What I really love is the request for “a tax-deductible gift to help us provide education and legal assistance for those whose religious freedom is attacked during this Christmas season and beyond.” Wouldn’t that be the merchants who don’t share the Liberty Council’s religious beliefs?

    • Jesus is Lord. Everything that is NOT on the Rock is being SHAKEN. God Almighty our Mighty Warrior, Lord of the Armies of Heaven is doing all the SHAKING of the nations. Pray God gives ALL believers strong backs and hands to stand as HE SHAKES THE EARTH WITH HIS POWER! JESUS IS THE REASON FOR ALL SEASONS!

      • This is OK for a mediocre troll comment by an atheist trying to make Christians look like idiots, or perhaps from a Christian who has a genuine disability that prevents them from evaluating the usefulness of their words before they post them in public. But on the off chance that you don’t fit into either of those categories, do you have anything you’d like to say about the topic of the blog post you left this comment on?

  • John Eidsmoe

    No one should be forced to say “Merry Christmas.” But nobody should be prohibited from saying “Merry Christmas” either.
    That’s what this is all about — viewpoint discrimination against one form of expression.under the mistaken notion that nobody should have to see or hear anything they disagree with or find offensive.

    • AMEN! Ask the East Coast survivors of Hurricane Sandy. Some who LOST ALL. It is the Christians of America, the Body of Christ that is doing the majority of the work to help families regain PEACE through this storm. The government IS WE THE PEOPLE. Tens of Thousands STILL displaced. Don’t think this won’t come to your nation or state. Jesus is still on the throne and we see his love through all those who are helping families recover from this crisis. This is the TURE meaning of Christ-mas. Loving our neighbors as we love ourselves.