Reminder To Submit Your BS!

I heart BS Post Card Bob MacDonald has posted a reminder that it is time to submit your contributions and recommendations for this month's Biblical Studies Carnival.

An obvious choice is to focus on blogging related to this month's Society of Biblical Literature annual meeting. Mike Kok was unable to make it this year, and so attended vicariously through our blogging about the conference, and offered a round-up.

Jim West shared what I agree may well be the best tweet, maybe even the best statement, from the entire AAR/SBL conference. Steve Runge apparently said,

It’s obvious the European publishers are fronts for Colombian drug lords since their prices show they have no interest in selling books.

Jim Linville shared his advice for conference-goers: don't read more than one paper. He also shared a LOLcat:

And once again, don't forget to click through and recommend posts for this month's Biblical Studies Carnival!


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  • Jim

    i like your little ‘i heart bs’ image. so ambiguous.

  • Bob MacDonald

    Thanks James for passing this on. I did find some substantial comment by Sarah Coakley and others on the recent vote. BTW – it’s Mac not Mc.

    • James F. McGrath

      Sorry about the typo – sometimes even what our brains know our fingers somehow fail to type!