Sci-Fi and Fantasy in the Religion Aisle

The above photo came to me via Craig Hurle on Facebook. I am pretty sure that it is probably just a matter of religion books being in the next aisle over. But given my overlapping and intersecting interests, the photo still seemed worth sharing. And perhaps it is worth discussion in a more serious way – is there anything particularly appropriate or inappropriate about the placement?


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  • Kubricks_Rube

    I don’t think the religion books are in the next aisle over; it looks like whoever took the photo just placed these books face-forward on the shelf in front of books that are about religion. What is that just to the left of Hunger Games? A dystopian fantasy that Suzanne Collins can never hope to compete with: “Is Western civilization in an accelerating decline? And if it continues will it eventually weaken and cause us to come to the end of cultured civilization as we now know it? “Yes,” says David Jeremiah,[…] in his book, I Never Thought I’d See the Day!.”

    • James F. McGrath

      Well spotted!