The Jesus SeM&Minar as Teaching Tool

I’ve mentioned here before the class activity  I use when teaching my course on the historical Jesus. I get students to bring M&Ms, and we re-enact the voting on sayings of Jesus undertaken by the Jesus Seminar. And we call ourselves the Jesus SeM&Minar.

Keith Reich recently tried the activity in his class. Click through to see what sorts of results he got – and chime in there, here, or both with your thoughts about this activity as a teaching tool about the approach of historians and scholars to the historical figure of Jesus. Feel free also to comment on which sayings or passages you think would work best – or less well – for an activity of this sort. And I’d be interested to hear from everyone, including Keith, about whether it would be worth ordering actual red, pink, grey and black M&Ms from the company for use the next time I teach this course.

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  • Gary

    After reading NT Wright’s “how God Became King”, Luke 18:18, zoe aionios, rich man seeks “the life of the age to come” instead of eternal life! Same for John 3:16. Bull feathers. I give NT Wright m&m’s with nuts. I’ll take”reductionism”, or become a gnostic.