Abridged History of Christmas

From FDPI. Is there anything else essential that you think ought to have been mentioned?

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MK Naomi, Chemtrails, and Unquestioning Faith
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MK Naomi, Chemtrails, and Unquestioning Faith

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  • Kaz

    That won’t due because it leaves out an important step in the middle, namely, the incorporation of pagan elements due to the conversion of pagans who were loath to give up their traditional festive practices. It might better to rename the celebration ‘Saturnalia-Yule’, or something like that, and finally dispense with the illusion that the day has anything to do with Christianity. What do you think?

    • I think that the name is here to stay, and that the holiday will continue to be too, long after most people continue connecting it with Jesus. I wonder if the time will ever come when the history and origins of the holiday are as confused as they are satirically depicted as being in the Doctor Who episode “Voyage of the Damned.”

      I hope you have a Merry Christmas – and a Jolly Saturnalia-Yule simultaneously! 🙂

  • spinkham

    Not really critical to the tradition, but St. Nick slapping Arius is pretty awesome.