Fox News and Jonah

Get it? He spent three days in Wales? 🙂

I really enjoy and appreciate this cartoon because it does some subversive things. Fox News is notorious for its distortion and bias, and yet it is popular among people who claim to value truth and being “Biblical.” And so the cartoon subversively asks what if behind some of the stories in the Bible there is similar bias and distortion?

In the case of Jonah, I don’t think this is at all what happened. The story of Jonah does not read like a distortion of some historical kernel, but rather seems like a parable aimed at challenging an ethnocentric view of God – which adds further irony to this whole thing, since the resulting story of Jonah in the Bible challenges ethnocentrism in a way that we don’t associate with Fox News.

From Pardon My Planet.  HT Hemant Mehta. For more of my thoughts on the Book of Jonah, here’s  a link to a lecture I posted a few months ago.


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  • Chuck Haberl

    Not just challenging ethnocentrism, but also speciesism; the very last verse is, of course, “Should not I have pity on Nineveh, that great city, wherein are more than sixscore thousand persons that cannot discern between their right hand and their left hand…and also much cattle?”

    • Indeed! Although I suspect that for the character of Jonah, and many readers, if the argument made sense to them at all, it was in terms of not wasting good beef, rather than concern for animals per se. 🙂