Free Book: Age of spirituality: Late antique and early Christian art, third to seventh century

Via the blog Hieroi Logoi, I learned that the catalog from a Metropolitan Museum of Art exhibit of Late Antique Christian art in 1970s, with the title Age of spirituality: Late antique and early Christian art, third to seventh century, is available as a free pdf download. It can also be read online.

The book is out of print, and a used copy on is selling for $349.88. I think the free digital copy is better value for money, even though the print copy is only about $.50/page, since the book is 737 pages in length.

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  • Guest

    Nine copies here starting at $35:

    Silly Amazon prices should be ignored.

  • Paul Dilley

    Those are for the smaller exhibition catalogue and the edited symposium, not the massive volume listed above. . .but I agree that $349.88 is silly, given that it’s available for free!

  • ivana

    you´re interested in this Exhibition? Because I´m studying Art History and the period the exhibition is about, is now my concern. Don´t you have pictures from this exhibition? I mean from the installation of the exhibits..

    • James F. McGrath

      I have not been to the exhibition, and so the only information I have is what I have posted here.