Helen Bond’s Ten Things About Jesus

Helen Bond has a new article in The Bible and Interpretation, “Ten Things I Learnt about Jesus by Writing a Book about him.” It offers a nice, balanced overview of some key points related to both the methods and the conclusions of the scholarly quest for the historical Jesus.

The book she is referring to is The Historical Jesus: A Guide for the Perplexed. I have yet to read it, but it sounds like it might be a good textbook for the next time I teach my course on the historical Jesus – and a good way for some readers to use gift cards they received this morning! :-)

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  • http://blogforthelordjesus.wordpress.com Mike Gantt

    The historical Jesus, as she demonstrates even through the post, is extremely interesting. The resurrected Jesus, even more so.

  • Steven Carr

    I’m fascinated that Helen Bond knows that John the Baptist had an apocalyptic message.

    Then I realised that it was in the Bible, so must be true.