Star Trek Into Darkness Where No Man Has Gone Before

Fans of Star Trek have been analyzing and speculating about the trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness very closely (IO9 has a detailed breakdown, for instance), trying to figure out, among other things, what the movie is going to be about. The villain, we’ve been told, is going to be familiar to fans. Here’s the trailer:

I wonder whether this fan-made video, combining footage from the original series with the soundtrack from the new movie trailer is on the right track. If it is, how cool would it be if the plan is to work through every single episode of the original series in rebooted fashion?

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  • Josh Hale

    Ben Finney, “Court Martial.” Totally the villain of Into Darkness. You heard it here first.

    • James F. McGrath

      That’s another interesting possibility. If any of the trailers let us hear a heartbeat, I’m switching to your theory! :-)

  • skinman

    I’m wondering if the blonde blueshirt that Kirk is eyeballing is Dr. Carol Marcus.

  • radii

    A more interesting choice than Gary would have been Lazarus from The Alternative Factor – the whole dual universes thing … could have set it up to bring the story closer to TOS

  • Tim Collins

    Doubtful that they’d be able to go through every single episode of the original series in a rebooted fashion in one or several movies, but how about a new television series featuring the new cast which does just that?

  • Beau Quilter

    I just hope that Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman return to finish the British series Sherlock after the excitement of Star Trek and The Hobbit.

  • Scott Lohman

    The comic book series at IDW is re-booting original series episodes. The re-takes are quite interesting.