The Third Law of Theology

Unvirtuous Abbey posted this as a status update on Facebook:

The Third Law of Theology: For every theologian there is an equal and opposite theologian.

I liked it so much that I made these motivational posters:


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  • John S. Wilkins

    It was originally “For every Greek philosopher there is and equal and opposite Greek philosopher”

  • John

    Who is opposite Barth?

    • Gary

      Right click on the picture, and hit “save image as”, and you shall see.

      • James F. McGrath

        Gary gave it away. It is indeed Emil Brunner. Who else could one pair with Karl Barth?

        • arsenalite


          • James F. McGrath

            I suppose there are many ways to be “opposite.” I could have paired Barth in the poster with a Hindu theologian who would be much more his opposite that Brunner was! :-)

  • John

    How about a couple more opposites??

  • Mary

    Awesome! These made me grin.