Biblical Bastards and Scriptural Siblings

I've been asked to contribute a couple more entries to a reference work, The Encyclopedia of the Bible and Its Reception, which I have contributed to before. The two new entries are the sections on film/movies, under the following subject heading entries:

  • Illegitimate Offspring
  • Kinship of Jesus

The first is self-explanatory, and connects with the research I have done on the question of Jesus' illegitimacy and his social status. The second presumably includes both the family of Jesus in his time, and anything that connects him with specific ancestors. It could even be understood to include any movie that discusses, highlights, or otherwise broaches the subject of Jesus' Jewish ancestry. (If I get more specific indications from the editors about what they hope I will focus on, I will mention it in the comments section).

It seems as though it would be foolish not to crowdsource the brainstorming part of this undertaking. There are more movies that relate to the Bible than any one person is likely to have seen. And so I would welcome recommendations of movies that you think either depict Biblical stories, or explicitly mention texts from the Bible, in connection with either of the aforementioned themes.


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  • Rebecca Trotter

    Does Life of Brian count? (Sorry – couldn’t resist!)

    • It does, even if we learn more about Brian’s kinship than Jesus’! 🙂

  • Only superficially related to Jesus’s kinship is the film Jesus’ Son. The name is taken from a line in Lou Reed’s song Heroin.

  • Claude

    I had forgotten all about that Lou Reed lyric, much less expected to encounter it alongside a query as to whether Jesus was illegitimate (read that article btw; it was very clear and persuasive).

    Only in the Matrix.

    When I’m rushing on my runAnd I feel just like Jesus’ sonAnd I guess I just don’t knowAnd I guess that I just don’t know

    • Claude

      It may look like my blockquote is on heroin but really it’s only Disqus.