Classes Start

Today is the first day of classes in the new semester at Butler University. I’m teaching my course on the Bible, an upper-level course on the Gospel of John, and the second semester of my freshman core curriculum course on Faith, Doubt, and Reason.

If you teach or are a student, what classes are on your schedule?

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  • Earthlings Make Me So Angry

    I’m doing my “Anatomy of Religion” class, an intro to the critical study of religion, and an upper level seminar on “The New Atheists and Religious Studies”, which is going to be a lot of fun.

  • Paul Regnier

    For my high school students, I’m teaching virtue ethics and psychology and religion for my a level students; the problem of evil for my GCSE students, and Life of the Buddha and the Five Pillars of Islam for the juniors. Quite a fun term – I always enjoy teaching Buddhism :-)

  • David Miller

    I’m teaching a 200-level course in our Humanities core, entitled “Roots of Modernity: Revolutions in Politics, Society, and Thought.” I’ve started with a review of Northern Renaissance Christian Humanism and the Protestant Reformation. We’ll begin new material next week with the Catholic Counter-Reformation and the consequences of the religious wars. We’ll end the semester with Darwin.

  • Christopher Skinner

    I’ve got Introduction to the New Testament, Biblical Interpretation, and the fourth of a four semester Greek offering in which I lead students through the Greek text of John. We are now in week two. Hope the semester starts off well for you.

  • Evan Hershman

    I am finishing up my required year of elementary Hebrew, since I am a master’s student in Biblical Studies. I am also taking an advanced seminar on “Ritual and Purity in the Hellenistic World,” and a philosophy seminar on “Rationality and Christian Belief.”

  • C. (sandhilldiary)

    I am in the “writing application essay and begging for letters of reference” stage of school. Ask again next year.