The Time Lord of the Rings

By Adele Lorienne, via Tumblr and Pinterest. Click through to see some of this artist’s other lovely works of Doctor Who fan art. My response to the above is this:


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  • arcseconds

    The last cartoon raises once again all those old questions about why they don’t just fly to Mordor on giant eagles…

    • me

      “Why is this always brought up?

      It’s because the Eagles did not want to be involved; they were
      neutral and didn’t want to have to choose sides. The only reason they
      helped Sam and Frodo at the end of RotK is because of Gandalf’s
      relationship with the Eagles. Radagast was a huge influence, too. Still
      can’t believe Peter Jackson left out so much shit in those films.

      Oh, and not to mention the fact those Nazgul would’ve torn the eagles
      to shreds as soon as Sauron saw them. Which, he’d be able to see them
      from miles away. Hundreds of miles away, especially if the Fellowship
      riding horses got his attention.”

      • arcseconds

        On this occasion it was brought up because the cartoon reminds me of the argument about the eagles.

        That seems like a good enough reason to mention it to me — don’t you agree?

        Why do people always jump to the defense of Tolkien when there’s the faintest whiff of criticism? :-]

        (I didn’t say I *agreed* with those arguments…)

  • James F. McGrath
  • Name

    “One does not simply ‘vworp’ into Mordor.”