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A student shared the above with me. All these years teaching the Bible, how did I miss the bestiality? The depiction of it as a novel, as though the entire thing were a single piece of literature in a single genre, is also well off target. But presumably the point (however much one may criticize the details) is the contrast between the graphic contents of the Bible and the reading to children from its pages. I've discussed before the fact that much of the Bible is rated R. There is indeed something puzzling about parents who, for instance, encourage children to be exposed to the Bible from a very young age, and then object to their reading literature with sexual or violent elements in it in high school.

Anyway, I like to share things that students send my way, and offer some reflections on them when appropriate. What do others make of the image above? Funny? Too many details wrong to be entertaining? Or, however problematic in the details, does it make a serious point about the incongruity of treating the Bible as though it were suitable for children?


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  • I rather like that definition.

    I agree with you that it is not a novel. However, the rest fits all too well.

    I long ago noticed that some parts of the Bible are almost never mentioned in sunday Sermons, presumably because the preachers are not too comfortable with that bad stuff.

    Nevertheless, my pastor did encourage me to read the Bible, at a time when I was around 11 years old.

  • Brant Clements

    There is a knee jerk reaction among some militant atheists. Whenever the Bible is mentioned they immediately brand it “a collection of fairy tales.” This represents a clear misunderstanding of both the Bible and the literary genre of the fairy tale.

    Parts of the Bible are clearly unsuitable for children.

    So are some fairy tales.