And The Award For Best Blog Post Title Goes To…

I think Rachel Held Evans definitely deserves an award for the title of her post today, about the Personal Promise Bible. In case you haven’t heard of it, this Bible adds your name into many verses, so that you can read them as though it were written specifically for you.

The title of Rachel’s post encapsulates the very important point she makes ever so nicely and succinctly:

The Bible: It’s Just Not That Into You

You’ll often hear people refer to the Bible as a “love letter from God.” You’ll encounter people who reject the meaning Genesis would have had in its original context in order to insist that it must provide modern scientific information. Time and time again, modern readers read the Bible with the focus on them as individuals. And more often than not, that focus itself cuts across the grain of the Bible’s own emphases and the cultural assumptions of its authors.

But perhaps there should be an award for the funniest and simultaneously creepiest way of showing the problem with this approach. Joel Watts showed what the Song of Songs looks like if written specifically for him

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  • arcseconds

    I was wondering whether I was going to find Song of Songs transformed into a third-person narrative sung by Joel…

    • Joel

      I sing it too myself all the time.

      • arcseconds

        OK, that’s waaay creepier than what I had in mind…

        • Joel

          you should be here when I insert random bibliobloggers in the place of the woman.

  • arcseconds

    As another disturbing take on personalized Bible passages, someone called Jake Meador posted the following on Rachel’s blog:

    Please tell me that the really terrifying judgment texts also place your name into them as well. B/c something like this would be awesome:

    But just as all the good things the Lord his God has promised Jake have come to Jake, so he will bring on Jake all the evil things he has threatened, until the Lord his God has destroyed Jake from this good land he has given Jake. 16 If Jake violates the covenant of the Lord his God, which he commanded him, and he goes and serves other gods and bows down to them, the Lord’s anger will burn against Jake, and Jake will quickly perish from the good land he has given Jake.”

    C’mon Personal Promise Bible, make it happen.

    • James F. McGrath

      That’s awesome!