House of Mirrors

I hope you’ll forgive my sharing this again. I made a slight adjustment to the recording at one point, and also noticed that when I shared the song previously, the formatting on the lyrics was messed up. So here it is again – a demo version of my song “House of Mirrors”!


House of Mirrors

You made us in your image

And we’ve returned the favor

Every kind of people

With gods of every flavor

We see ourselves in a mirror darkly

We think we’re looking at you

Help us to see beyond our reflections

A glimmer of what is true


We all live in a house of mirrors

We think we’re finding our way

Am I your image, are you my likeness?

In this house of mirrors

Lord, I seek your face

We blame you for our anger

We think you hate who we hate

Such a disturbing comfort

To see our fears incarnate

Make me translucent to your transcendence

A window for your light

Not just projecting on you my failures

Hiding you from sight


We don’t escape from this maze we wander

We never manage to see

Still there’s your voice in the distance, calling,

“Come and follow me”



(Last line: Help me find my way)

In this house of mirrors

In this house of mirrors

In this house of mirrors

In this house of mirrors

Song written and performed by James F. McGrath. (c) 2013

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  • Mark Farmer

    Reminds me of the title of Thom Stark’s unsettling (for me at the time) and enlightening book, The Human Faces of God.