Jedi Mind Meld

OK, from a political perspective as well as that of science fiction fandom, is this a gaffe, as some have claimed? I do not think so. The poster gets the fonts right for the Star Wars and Star Trek references. And so I think there is a deliberate use of science fiction's greatest example of a partisan divide to depict president Obama as not partisan.

That seems quite brilliant. But perhaps I am just the victim of a Vulcan mind trick…


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  • susanburns

    You are correct, it is brilliant.

  • Keika

    Obama is in continuous campaign mode, and his staff is constantly on guard to neutralize the gaffs he makes. I believe I had heard him say, “Jedi Mind Meld” at least once before in some telepromptered campaign speech before he was president. His staff had the time to whip up the text and it languished in a file drawer until a current use and photo would arrive. They knew in time, Obama would slip and would need rescuing to appear wiser than us sc-fi geeks out here. Too bad there aren’t enough staffers to rescue, Joe Biden, from the blunders he makes on a regular basis.

    • susanburns

      Conspiracy theorists think the government is totally clueless on one hand and able to conceive fantastic plots for world domination on the other hand.

      • Keika

        …and quick to blame a YouTube video for an attack on a U.S. Embassy and death of its ambassador, when in truth it was leadership incompetence at the highest levels of government at fault.

        • susanburns

          The Bengazi attack would then qualify as gross incompetence AND a clever plot. I guess the rest of us trusting rubes will have to wait to see how the Bengazi plot and sequestration are connected in furthering Obama’s quest for world domination.

        • Claude

          Polly want a a cracker?

          • Keika

            I’ll have a Jedi Tuna Melt if you please.