Here's another song I wrote, this one inspired by a segment in the Doctor Who episode “The Power of Three.” But you don't need to be a Doctor Who fan to appreciate the song, I hope! Thoughts and feedback are appreciated, as always!


"I don't know. I'm not even sure what it would mean to be inherently answerable ..."

A Wrinkle in the Expanse
"Do you think the question is inherently answerable?"

A Wrinkle in the Expanse
"How about, "we don't know yet"?"

A Wrinkle in the Expanse
"What would you suggest is a more appropriate response to the question of why anything ..."

A Wrinkle in the Expanse

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  • In the 1980s, I was a music producer and co-owned a recording studio in Whittier, CA. I think I would have gone wild for this. Suggestion to your video maker. The end title of the video, he might change ‘words and lyrics’ to ‘music and lyrics.’ Who vocalized?

    • That’s me. I wrote it, I played the music tracks (using an existing drum loop), and recorded the vocals. It would have been better if someone else sang it with a better voice than mine. I’m open to offers, and will gladly provide a backing track for anyone interested in making a better recording. The backing track can be in this form or for an unplugged version (it sounds pretty good with mainly acoustic piano, too, I think).

      • Well, I am truly impressed! If I wasn’t running from the union for unpaid dues, I still might be scouting garage bands. I enjoyed your song!

    • I wrote “words and lyrics”? [FACEPALM]