Science Fiction Marriage Equality Profile Pics

I'm not sure that Daleks really work as a symbol of any sort of equality, which is why I made this (and made it my banner on Facebook):

HT George Takei for the first two.


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  • Michael C. Brown

    Hi! I would lke to borrow your Dalek Equality symbol for a few days now and whenever it’s a good time. I am going to assume the yes unless you tell me otherwise and I will take it right down. Thank you…. 😉

    • James F. McGrath

      It wasn’t created by me, and whoever made it did not insert a signature or attribution of authorship. You can use it with my blessing, but you don’t need my pemission! :-)

      • Michael C. Brown

        Thanks…snagged… 😉

  • arcseconds

    I assume you’ve seen this already?

    • James F. McGrath

      I had not seen it, but now that I have, it will be shared on my blog later today. Thanks for sharing it!