Content Manager Opening at BioLogos

I received this e-mail and wanted to share it with readers:

Dear friends of BioLogos,

I’m writing to ask your help. BioLogos is seeking someone to join our team as a content developer and editor at our offices in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Here’s the position description:

We are searching for a qualified candidate to develop high-quality resources—both general and scholarly—to move the science and faith discussion forward. This person will be responsible for recruiting, curating, and editing content to be published on the BioLogos website. This includes working with writers to create our daily blog series, as well as developing other resources (scholarly essays, curricula, infographics, videos, etc.) as a member of the BioLogos team. We are looking for someone who embodies the BioLogos vision of communicating in humility, truth, and grace, celebrating Christian unity while sharing the best of modern science with the church. The ideal candidate will hold at least a master’s degree (preferably a doctoral degree), in a field of science, religion, or a related area, with experience writing at the intersection of faith and science.

Does this sound like someone you know? Take a moment to consider your circle of colleagues and friends. If a good candidate comes to mind, please take a moment to forward this message and encourage them to apply.

Does this sound like you? If you share our passion for promoting the harmony of faith and science to the modern Church, and this opportunity fits your experience and professional goals, I strongly encourage you to apply. More information is here: If you have questions about the position, just write to


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