Xylon (The Tree) by Kerry Livgren



There’s a garden in the valley

There’s a beauty I could never conceive

In this paradise I dream of

I have known it though it’s never been seen

I remember I was falling

Someone took me by the hand

I was burning in the sunlight

Now in the shade

I stand


The Tree stands tall

It’s mighty branches cover all

No wind can bend

It’s majesty will never end

In it’s shadow no illusion

In this place where there is never a fear

No sorrow or confusion

The enchantment of the glory is so near

I remember I was rising

And a light was in my eyes

I could feel my heart ascending

To this place I recognize


The fruit of love is falling from above

These roots run so deep and strong

With every breath a song

An endless new song


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  • Guest

    Epic Tuesday morning music. Kerry Livgren’s lyrics are always so spiritual.. I wish this could have been sung by Steve Walsh:)