Your Kingdom Come

This is a recording of a song I wrote recently. Here are the lyrics:

Your Kingdom Come

Kingdom of misfits

Fellowship of fools

The company you’re keeping

Breaks all the rules

We say we accept you

And just hate your friends

Betrayed with a kiss is

How that story ends

You were teaching us we must care

For those who have traits we don’t share

People we’d be sure to see there

When the kingdom comes

You preached a kingdom

With room for us all

A place of healing

After our fall

We’ve prayed for its dawning

Thought we saw it loom

Oh why did you promise

It would be here soon?

Some still speak as though the time’s near

Some live every day in deep fear

Some pray even now through their tears

Let your kingdom come

No more just waiting

We start to build

Through our own hands see

Your vision fulfilled

A place of safety

Welcome and peace

Kindness and mercy

Love and release

Your kingdom come

Your will be done

Your kingdom come

Your will be done

(c) 2013  James F. McGrath

By the way, when I share recordings of songs I’ve written, do I need to flag these as “demo versions” each time, lest someone judge them as though they were supposed to be a polished and perfected version, of the sort someone might release on an album? I recorded the instrumental track at home on a small keyboard without a sustain pedal hooked. I think the piano part really needs to be played on an actual grand piano for it to sound the way I want it to. So as I said, this is a demo version. Hope you enjoy it!

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