Evolution: Acceptance is Optional, Participation is Not

I saw this on Facebook:

It seems problematic from two perspectives – the use of “belief” in relation to a scientific conclusion, and the depiction of the first primate ancestor shown in the image in a manner that looks like a modern animal, which confuses many people and leads to the inane objection based on that misconception, “If we evolved from monkeys then why are there still monkeys?”

But I decided to share it if only in the hope that it might inspire someone to make a better image. And its main point is solid and important: even evolution-deniers are participants in the evolutionary process, having descended with modification from their ancestors, and (if they have children) passing on their genes with modification to their descendants.

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  • arcseconds

    One of the things I’ve never liked about that ‘ascent of man’ image (or its title) is the progressivist concept that it instantiates and encourages.

    It’s worth remembering when presented with stuff like this that, as Stephen J. Gould pointed out, it’s the Age of Bacteria, it always has been, and it always will be.

  • Antidote

    Image isn’t an accurate visualization, but the spirit is correct.