Teaching Religion Online

The “Spotlight on Teaching” section of the latest issue of Religious Studies News is focused on online education. It includes interesting articles such as:

Sandie Gravett, “Rethinking Online Education”

Erica Andrus, “Introducing Religion to Cyberstudents”

John Strong, “Hybrid or Blended Teaching Formats”

John Baumann, “The Challenge of Online Education”

Annie Blazer and Brandi Denison, “The Internet is Not a Classroom”

If you teach online or expect that you might, the articles are worth a look.

I’m currently in the third day of offering my course on the Bible at Butler University online for the first time. I will definitely be blogging about the experience once it is over, if not sooner!


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  • Sherry Peyton

    can you give a link to your online course?

    • Sorry, it isn’t public, but only accessible to enrolled students. But the lectures that are embedded in the course are almost all on YouTube, if those are of any interest.

      • Sherry Peyton

        they certainly would be to me James. I’m doing one from Yale through one of the free college courses now on the NT, but am always looking for new ones! Thanks!