Beyond Belief by David Wilcox

A progressive Christian song. HT Sara Kay on Facebook.

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  • VorJack

    I still prefer “The Mango Song.” Can’t find it online though. And you don’t want to hear my singing voice.

    Did you catch the videos Wilcox did with Brian McLaren? Apparently they’re friends.

    • James F. McGrath

      No, I haven’t seen them – this is my first time discovering Wilcox’s music.

    • Preston Garrison

      Wilcox IMHO is the best singer-songwriter-guitarist ever. You can hear a lot of his stuff for free at his web site – with better sound quality than the usual Youtube video. One of my favorites – Show the Way

      • VorJack

        He’s best live, so you can get his stories. He can really change the interpretation of a song with his setup.

        I remember once with “Show the Way” he talked about playing a really bad gig with lots of tired, jaded people and wanting to write a song that might actually reach them.

  • Jason C

    One of my favorite David Wilcox theology songs is Native Tongue. The song compares all of our testimony and teaching about God to little candles we carry around in the dark; meanwhile God’s love is sunlight that is illuminating to everyone.

    I picked this video because it had the best audio quality.

    • James F. McGrath

      Thanks so much for sharing that!