One of Jesus’ Parabolas

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Not Loving the Bible

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  • j40bob

    Darn you. My obsessive-compulsiveness made me try to solve the problem. And the solution has escaped me thus far.

    • Let’s say solving this equation means finding the x-intercepts and vertex so that you would have the information to draw the parabola if you wanted to. This pneumonic device helps: “A negative boy couldn’t decide if he wanted to go to the radical party. Because the boy was square he missed out on talking to four awesome chicks and the party was over by 2 am.” You wont’ be able to factor the trinomial because it does not intercept the x axis at whole numbers.

      x (at y=0) = 0.8524795081006667 and −3.5191461747673336

      Then you find the line of symmetry using the formula -b/2a which will give you -4/3. Plug this into the x in the formula for the coordinates of the vertex.

      Vertex is at (-4/3, -43/3). Now you can draw your own parabola, or just google the equation for it.

      • Craig Wright

        I’m curious as to the origin of the story you use to illustrate the quadratic equation. I taught high school algebra in the Los Angeles area and used the same story.

        • I got it from another teacher at my school. Not sure where it came from. I just assumed she made it up.

  • As a teacher of both Sunday school and algebra I enjoy this.

  • Gary

    I can’t help myself. Very Gnostic. Because Jesus’s eccentricity is the “1”. Otherwise, he’d be a hyperbola or an ellipse.

  • jintoku

    Have you seen “Agora” with Rachel Weisz? The mysticism of conic sections!

    • Gary

      The original “Monks Gone Wild”.

  • leke sowunmi

    what does it have to do with Jesus? I don’t get it.