Reviews of Religion and Science Fiction

There are several recent reviews of the volume I edited, Religion and Science Fiction, partly due to its re-release in the UK by Lutterworth Press. And so I thought I should mention and link to the reviews here. Some of them require a subscription in order to read more than a snippet of them, alas, and so if anyone reading this has a subscription to Church Times and would like to send me a copy of the review, I would be grateful!

Anthony R. Mills in Journal of Religion and Popular Culture

Alessandro Giostra in Reviews in Religion & Theology (preview here)

John Saxbee in Church Times

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  • Peter Kirk

    A review by the retired Bishop of Lincoln, indeed! I would write to the Church Times for a copy, which they should send as a courtesy as they are reviewing your book.

  • Fiona

    Hi there, Fiona from Lutterworth Press here!

    If you send an email to I’d be happy to send you over the CT review!
    Thanks for the link :)

    • James F. McGrath

      Thank you so much! I’ve just sent an e-mail. If it doesn’t reach you, please do let me know!

  • newenglandsun

    Someone should do one on religion and fantasy.