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Through the Patheos network, it was suggested that I ought to take a look at a new series called Animate: Faith. I glanced, was not immediately excited, and left it at that. But today, Adam Cleveland mentioned another part of the series, Animate: Bible, and included a screenshot which grabbed my attention:

That got my attention, and when I took a look at the video by Rachel Held Evans from which this is a screenshot, there was so much to appreciate about it. Here is the entire video:

If that looks interesting, then you can click through and explore more from the same series. 

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  • Keika

    That was it? She left me hanging.

  • LorenHaas

    Maybe you should take another look at the Animate Faith series? Our whole church did the video series and small groups did the entire program. Many good reviews. Nadia Bolz-Weber on atonement theory alone was worth the price of admission.

    • Keika

      I found the presentation most interesting, I was just depressed that it ended so quickly. Will do as you suggest.