Avoiding Recurring Nightmares

Via Rachel Held Evans, I learned of this recent XKCD comic:

Instead of having these nightmares, you can actually avoid them by taking some simple steps while a student: Read the syllabus. Put deadlines into an electronic calendar like Outlook, and put a reminder alert scheduled for as long before that deadline as you need, in order to have enough time to research it and write it properly. Better still, put a deadline in by which you will expect yourself to finish a first draft, a good week before the actual due date.

And of course, once you’ve done due diligence to seek the answers already provided by the professor, then ask intelligent and well-thought-out questions to get clarification from the professor.

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  • J.P.

    Dear, I have that kind of nightmares several times a year and I doctorated 11 years ago! It’s relieving to know that these things happen to other people πŸ˜‰

  • arcseconds

    i have those dreams too, from school, what’s more, and that was a while ago β€” and I don’t recall ever being in any danger of failing anything.

    So unfortunately I don’t think your steps are sure-fire prevention…

  • Cosmo Fish

    But that isn’t the point. The nightmare is about the fear of failing your due diligence. :p