Coffee with Jesus AND Doctor Zaius

So apparently there isn’t just a variation on the strip “Coffee With Jesus” that is “Coffee With Dr. Zaius.” There is also “Coffee With Doctor Zaius With Jesus.” And since it touches on evolution and the humanity of Jesus, how could I not share it?

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  • Enopoletus Harding

    The Son of Man can strongly imply that Jerusalem will be destroyed but can’t settle a basic question on Biblical interpretation. Strange guy.

    • mountainguy

      IMO, given the social context in this moment, we could expect some 1century jewish to imply that Jerusalem will be destroyed much more than we could expect said 1century jewish to have an opinion on evolutionary biology (not trying to do apologetics, just answering not totally random posts)

  • James Pate

    I thought Dr. Zaius was a creationist! But, then again, he knew more than he let on, since he read the sacred scrolls.