Nailed It

David Hayward posted this image on his blog earlier today:

David didn’t seem to have problems with the disconnect between the methods, or the message, of Joel Osteen in comparison with Jesus.

Yet the “Nailed It” meme is all about people trying to do something and missing the mark so badly that it is funny. Here are a couple of geeky examples:

There’s another one with princess Leia in this collection.

I think that a more suitable image, in keeping with the ironic meme, would be one that pictured Jesus carrying his cross, and then had a modern popular preacher with adoring crowds. And the caption, “nailed it.” And of course, the allusion to nailing to the cross would just make the point all the more. Something like this:


What other meme images could one make, comparing Jesus to those who call themselves his followers today, where they think they’ve “nailed it” but the results are so far of the mark that they would make a good contribution to this meme?



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  • Jerome

    So Jesus wouldn’t talk in mega churches, trying to reach/save as many as possible?

    • Sorry, I had forgotten that that is where most of the unreached are to be found… 🙂

      • Jerome

        True, you got a point there 😉 But I guess Jesus would at least have a Youtube channel and a Tumblr today? 😀 Or would he still only act in very limited, local spaces?

        • Actually, my intent with the image was to contrast the reception that Jesus got with that of popular speakers today. I was actually surprised that you thought that the picture that I made was about the speaking venue.

          • Jerome

            My bad then 😉 And don’t get me wrong, I prefer the Jesus picture to the other one!

          • Peter Kirk

            But then Jesus attracted huge crowds for much of his ministry, especially in Galilee. It was only the more traditional religious leaders who were jealous rejected him, and stirred up their followers against him – just like today’s traditional religious leaders are jealous of Osteen, so reject him and mock him, and want to drive him out of ministry if not actually crucify him. Yes, Osteen has nailed it.

          • There may indeed be jealousy with respect to his popularity, and thus a similarity on that point. But the content of the messages seems to me more different. I wonder whether anything at Osteen has to say would have resulted in his crucifixion in the first century. What do you think?

          • Peter Kirk

            A good question, James, but then what was it that Jesus said that resulted in his crucifixion? It wasn’t the content of his teaching that enraged the leaders, but more his challenge to their authority. Yes, there are differences between Osteen’s teaching and Jesus’, but I don’t think that is the point here.

          • Speaking of a kingdom of God that would replace current kingdoms would get one viewed as a political troublemaker. Prophets didn’t just make vague predictions about kings and kingdoms. When they predicted that a king’s days were numbered, they could be viewed as encouraging that regime change. Just think of Elijah and Elisha!

  • Rick Warren. Just, Rick Warren, in general.

  • Guest

    Jesus feeding the 5,000
    a preacher getting into his private jet

    Jesus healing the sick
    a republican ‘Christian’ voting against Obamacare

  • Peter Kirk

    Naked Jesus on the cross, and bishop in full vestments and miter stretching out his arms. It’s not just the Osteens of this world who can be criticized for abandoning Jesus’ standards.

    • ScottBailey

      Jesus healing people
      Todd Bentley “claiming” to heal people

      Jesus resurrecting.
      Todd Bentley claiming to resurrect 34 people.

      • Ian

        Though, to be fair, it is more likely that Jesus’s healings and resurrections were also exaggerated claims.

    • Jerome

      I prefer the bishops to be clothed, not naked, though 😉

      • Peter Kirk

        Agreed, Jerome. So for our bishops let’s settle for the loin cloth which Jesus is often shown wearing on the cross, or for the towel he wore while washing his disciples’ feet.