Pretty Sure This Was Intentional

A number of Doctor Who fans noticed that Peter Capaldi, when he first came on stage after the announcement that he would be the next Doctor, did the lapel grab that William Hartnell sometimes did. It was almost certainly intentional.

As we reach what would, if the time lords’ limit on regenerations were enforced, be the Doctor’s final life, and as we have a return to the role being played by an actor who is the age of the original actor when he first played the role, this echo of a classic Hartnell mannerism is fitting.


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  • Dave

    That still blows me away. Hartnell always seemed so much older to me. By a decade if not more. Still, I was hoping for an older actor to give the show a feel more like it had in the first run.

    • James F. McGrath

      I know what you mean, and feel the same way. I guess that’s why they say that 70 is the new 55…or something like that…

  • Peter Kirk

    I wonder, is Capaldi actually going to be the first Doctor, not a new regeneration but a reappearance of #1? Change his hair and he can look similar enough to Hartnell’s Doctor for that to work as a story line. But of course he would need to work on the body language, and as we see he has already started on that.

    • James F. McGrath

      I don’t think he looks much like Hartnell, to be honest, and since he’s been introduced as the Twelfth Doctor, and Matt Smith’s departure has been announced, I don’t think that is the direction things are going.

  • x x

    I wonder why Peter Cushing is never included in the reckoning.

    • James F. McGrath

      Because those movies were not an attempt to tell part of the same story. They re-envisaged the Doctor as a human scientist named “Doctor Who.”

      • x x

        But I still like ’em!

        • No

          That’s irrelevant, lol.