Context Contest

Lots of people post pictures and then have a caption contest. But this photo seems to have its own “caption” included. What’s missing is the context. I took the photo of this sign in front of a local church here in Indianapolis. But what does it mean? Rather than try to find out the actual answer, I thought it would be much more fun to post it on my blog and see what possible explanations for the sign blog readers can come up with. As always, whoever comes up with the best explanation of the sign’s meaning in a comment here will be rewarded with a deep sense of satisfaction.

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  • Neil Rickert

    Perhaps the occasion of a fund raising pot luck dinner?

    (I’ll take it that this was a church with a sense of humor)

  • James Hamrick

    I’m assuming this is the sign for a sect of Pastafarians who use “Almighty Good Food” as a circumlocution for the name of the “Flying Spaghetti Monster.” (

  • Keika

    It’s a trap!!!