Physics vs. Economic Inequality


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  • Lothar Lorraine

    Overcome your own selfishness through Christ’s power!

    I wonder why it didn’t happen yet in my life…

    Lovely greetings from Europe.

    Lothars Sohn – Lothar’s son

  • David Evans

    I think the “Take from the rich” guy is also an optimist.

    Not going to happen (in this society)

    On the other hand nothing stops me or a government from giving to the poor.

    • Mary

      “On the other hand nothing stops…a government from giving to the poor.”


      Since in fact help for the poor has been drastically cut do you care to elaborate on that premise?

  • arcseconds

    Haha, when I was a kid, I made up a fictional monetary system where the coinage was all minted from a radioactive isotope of bismuth, so you had to spend it rather quickly :-)

    I hadn’t fully appreciated the anti-wealth accumulation aspect of it :-)

    • Mary

      Wow you had quite an imagination! In fact I can’t recall even KNOWING what a “radioactive isotope” was as a kid!