Queen Jesus

One key question: How did I not know about this song by Queen until now – or did I know about it and somehow forget? Another key question: Can we do this song in church sometime? (The issue, as far as that is concerned, is less “Will this meet with approval?” and more “Do we have anyone who can play the guitar solo?”)

And then maybe eventually we can also do “The Prophet's Song“?

And “All God's People“?

Perhaps it is unsurprising that, as a religion professor, I knew that Freddie Mercury (born Farrokh Bulsara) was from a Parsi (Zoroastrian) background, yet have serious gaps in my knowledge of Queen's repertoire. I'm ashamed to say that, despite their being such an important band, I've mostly known Queen's hits and little else. I clearly need to listen to more!


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  • ‘Jesus’ isn’t that well known because it’s from their first album. Have a look at ‘Mustapha’ from the album Jazz for something with a little Islamic-ness to it. I’m a Queen aficionado. It’s a family thing and our greatest family heirloom is their signatures on sheet music that was sent to my mother in 1983 when she was looking for the music to ‘Love of my Life’ for the pianist at my parents wedding. It was out of print and she was in the fan club so appealed to them and they sent a copy which the band signed with good luck messages.

  • Actually it sounds quite pious!

    Arent the Queen actually (non-outspoken) atheists?

    I am glad you are willing to introduce modern songs within the liturgy of liberal churches 😉

    Lothars Sohn – Lothar’s son

    • I’m not aware that they were/are atheists. I know that Mercury wasn’t a devout Zoroastrian, but that’s all the information I have.