RIP Frederick Pohl

SF Signal and IO9 are both reporting that science fiction author Frederick Pohl has passed away.

UPDATE: When I first saw this news and blogged about it, I somehow managed to muddle Frederick Pohl and Poul Anderson in my mind. The latter passed away more than a decade ago. I apologize for the confusion.

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  • Glenn Branch

    Frederik Pohl, not Poul Anderson. Anderson died in 2001.

    • You’re right. I posted this after driving all day and must have been too tired to think straight. I will change the post…

  • David Evans

    I think Anderson’s “The Martyr” is also excellent in this context. I can’t find it online, and don’t want to say more for fear of giving away the ending.

    • Thanks. I’ll look for it. And do note that I managed to botch which science fiction author had passed away. 🙁