Yahweh or the Highway?

Via Christopher Skinner on Facebook


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  • John Wilkins

    Yahweh is also a member of Rotary

  • Chris

    No way! (*waits for the appropriate response*)

    • I am speechless, how dare you mock the name of the Almighty?

      • Chris

        Eh, are you being serious? I meant it as a joke, with the appropriate response being “YAHWEH!”

        I am thoroughly Jesus-juked.

        • Hey I think that if you read my other comment you’ll find by yourself if I was joking or not 😉

          • Chris

            So difficult to tell online. Sorry lol.

  • I guess that in the context of an American capitalist and consumerist society, where many people like big cars, this is probably the best Evangalism you can come up with :=)