Details of the Previously Missing Doctor Who Episodes Recently Recovered

The BBC held a press conference today, then embargoed those present from publishing the details before midnight UK time. It is almost time, but some details have already begun to leak, and it is pretty amazing news. Nine parts of episodes previously lost have been recovered, and they are from the Patrick Troughton era. They apparently include five parts of “The Enemy of the World” and four of “The Web of Fear,” both of which I can say from having listened to the audiobooks are awesome, and I can't wait to be able to watch them! This is really exciting news for Doctor Who fans!

UPDATE: The BBC has released a press release including video trailers and clips!

YouTube Preview Image


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  • Ian

    I wonder if Doctor Who appeals to folks with a historian’s soul. It is quite a unique body of work, with lost bits, early non-canonical re-imaginings, mystery and diversity of interpretation. Pretty unusual for popular media.

    To use a trendy slightly-meaningless term, it has texture.