Jesus Actively Supported Hand-Outs

These were inspired by some clever puns by Candida Moss, about how the stories about him healing of the lame show that Jesus wanted people to stand on their own two feet, while the story of him healing a man with a withered hand shows that Jesus was in favor of hand-outs.


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  • Christopher W. Skinner

    Jim, the first pic looks like they are all doing the hokey pokey.:)

    • James F. McGrath

      “Put your withered hand in, put your withered handout…” 😉

      • Christopher W. Skinner

        Ha ha.

    • Gary

      No. That was in Leviticus 14:14, but with a lamb, not a chicken.

  • James

    I’m a big fan of the mischievous guy in the pink keffiyeh(?) in the first picture. The first observer looks offended. That’s probably the way O’Reilly would have looked had he been there to see Jesus offering hand-outs.