Bart Ehrman and Craig Evans Debate

Bart Ehrman shared this video of a debate between himself and Craig Evans about whether the New Testament’s depiction of Jesus is accurate.

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  • dangjin

    they have been debating for years so this is old news and Ehrman needs to change his uniform. he is always in a t-shirt and looks like a skid row derelict.

    • Judging people by their clothing. You really don’t get Jesus’ teaching, do you?

      • dangjin

        No one was judging, just observing. You obviously have heard of the term ‘first impressions’ haven’t you? Well almost all of his lectures and debates, he is dressed in a t-shirt, a ratty one at that. If it wasn’t for the Bible Secrets Revealed we would never know he had real clothes to wear.

        People coming to the debate for the first time probably would be put off by the disrespect Ehrman shows his audience. There is a difference between judging, observation and respect. I suggest you learn them.

        • Dangjin,

          When you call a clean, white casual shirt with pinstripes and crew neck, a “ratty t-shirt”, you are not only judging, you are lying.

    • arcseconds

      I’ve always aspired to look like a skid row derelict. Maybe I need to emulate Ehrman more…

  • Andrew Dowling

    Evans’s argument seems to be namedropping scholars and then midcharacterizing their work.

    Concurrently, Ehrman to me clearly carries a chip on his shoulder from his evangelical days to his work. He does some good stuff, but the strains of his brain that led him to fundamentalism also lead him to rather over-generalizing exclamations and an arrogance that leaves him un-open to other valid viewpoints.

    But of the latter, I’m certainly not including mythicism as one of those valid viewpoints!

    • Henry

      You are thinking of Craig Keener, not Craig Evans.

      • Andrew Dowling

        Yes, I stand corrected.