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  • newenglandsun

    Can you tell me about Butler’s religious studies and history department? I’m interested. Also, their philosophy department and whether or not they do joint graduate degrees?

    • newenglandsun

      Also whether they have dual degree programs as well. I’m interested in religious history primarily.

      • James F. McGrath

        What would you like to know? Butler is primarily undergraduate. Philosophy, Religion, and Classics are all in the same department. There are many possibilities for doing joint majors as well as double majors or combinations of majors and minors.

        Do take a look at our web site, and then let me know what else I can tell you!

        • newenglandsun

          It’s fine. I think you explained well. I’m looking for a grad school (not an undergrad school). I’ve broken it down to Florida State, Boise State, and the Catholic University of America.

          FSU offers a golden religious studies program in four different areas including the history and ethnography of religion (of which there are other concentrations of areas within this such as in Europe, the Mediterranean, and Asia). They also offer double degree and joint degree programs as well (I might try to enter into a double degree with another area in philosophy but I’d need a minor or equivalent to a minor in philosophy to do that).

          Boise State has a golden history program with concentrations in religious history, medieval history, and western history.

          The Catholic University of America has good programs in theology (being that it’s a pontifical school) and they allow those with degrees deemed equivalent to an S.T.L. and S.T.B. (which might be things like an M.A. plus a Ph.D. or an M.Div. plus an M.Th.) into their S.T.D. program which also provides additional seminars for those educated elsewhere in topics concerning Church history and historical theology. I think they might also allow double degrees and they allow joint degrees especially in law and canon law (one could end up with a J.D. and J.C.L. in one joint law degree program).

          They also have other strengths. BSU has a good library in topics of early Christianity, CUA is near the Library of Congress, FSU is in the capital of Florida and has professors from Harvard.

          If Butler University is primarily undergrad, that’s good to know though regardless. That tells me whether I want to look into it further or not.