Needle Through a Camel

Shouldn’t the needle be through the eye of the camel, if it is a misunderstanding of Jesus’ saying?

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  • Lothar Lorraine

    Ich bin sprachlos.

    I am speechless.

    You really LACK faith, James.

    If the inerrant Word of God tell us it is possible to kill camels in such a holy way, then that should settle it.

    • James F. McGrath

      If they had killed a camel by forcing it through the eye of a needle, that would obviously have been OK! :-)

  • Gary

    Rich man = camel.
    Gate of heaven = eye of needle.
    Rather ironic.
    Camel is not kosher.
    Two Israelites in cartoon, being poor, see dead camel and have dinner, for their entire family. Kosher is not that important to a starving family.
    Mis-interpretation of scripture proves to be fortuitous.
    BTW, what did the ancient Israelites do with all those old, decrepit camels when they passed on to a better place?