Christmas Card Cycle

Dave Walker's latest cartoon diagrams the pitfalls of the card-sending season.

Does the sending of Christmas and other holiday cards still make sense, in our age of instantaneous digital communication? Is my asking that just an attempt to escape from the cycle Walker illustrates?


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  • Alice

    I don’t send cards but to a handful of people who I don’t see at Christmas time. I kind of do like getting cards, though.

  • Keika

    I get a Christmas card every year from a famous attorney and his family that is so preposterous and extravagant, that you are ashamed to meagerly send him one of yours. Then again I actually have Christmas cards I received from last year that I never opened. Mostly from televangelists, insurance salesmen and college alumni associations.

  • Liriel

    I don’t send cards. I receive a card from one friend (usually I sent her a gift). That’s it. I’d be happy not getting any cards.