Doctor Who: The Days of the Doctors

It has been quite remarkable to realize how much shared excitement there has about the Doctor Who 50th anniversary. There is a round-up of online things of interest on the BBC website, and I will include some links to things here that I’ve found interesting and have been meaning to post.

IO9 explained that the thinking of John Rawls is the key influence behind the Doctor’s statement that the key to successful negotiation is not knowing which side you are on.

There has also been a lot of discussion of the upcoming Christmas special, which may not only see the Doctor regenerate, but deal with the problem of how the Doctor can continue to regenerate after reaching the supposed limit of twelve.

Finally, here’s a Doctor Who/Torchwood version of the Twelve Days of Christmas:

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  • Tony Springer

    If I remember, it was during the 4th Doctor Who when we found out about the limit of 12 and that was when the Master reached his limit of 12. And we know he surpassed it. Getting interesting? Could we have the Master this Christmas?

    • Raymond

      Of course, if I recall correctly, the Master’s solution was to take over the body of a living person. It apparently reset his regenerations (at least three incarnations since The Old Days) but it was at a price I dont think the Doctor would pay.